Thursday, 11 April 2013

Seasonal Picks - #Spring

Spring Picks.

Hello lovlies, today i thought id tell you about my 'top picks' for the season.
I've cleared aside the Deep Berry tones and heavy duty moisturisers and replaced them with more of a Coral and Zesty theme.

(A Coral Pop!)

Sheer Corals a-go
•The Body Shop - Born Lippy - Pink Guava Lip Balm
•Clinique - Chubby Stick - Oversized Orange
Revlon - Lip Butter - Tuti Fruti
•Jemma Kid - High Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss - Coral
Generally 80% of my lip products are either pinky peach or coral i do gravitate to these colours as i feel they add a lease of life whilst still looking natural.
These are my favourite picks of my corals though i do have some bolder lipsticks in these tones, Lip Balms/Stains & glosses are the perfect way to add colour without worrying if you've smeared it all over your face.

Mac - Creme Blush - Fancy Ray
Real Tecniques - Stippling Brush
This is a fabbb blush! its so creamy and super pigmented so a little goes along way, i personally prefer creme over powder brushes for the warmer months as it add to that whole 
'healthy glow' look!

2) Nails
(Peaches + Pastels) 
Chanel - Nail Colour - 307 Orange Fizz
Revlon - Nail Polish - Sunshine Sparkle 
Although these are not my favourite Nail Varnish formulas 
(Barry M is!)these are defiantly my kind of colours for spring!
it slightly kills me inside that Chanel nail varnishes are not my personal favourite as they're super thin and chip really easily but Revlon tend to be fairly good and consistent with there polishes, i'm sure theres a million dupes for these pretty seasonal colours!

(Heat Control)

Moroccan oil Intense Hydrating Mask

This is such a lovely hair mask to hydrate dry hair or generally give it some life!
i apply this after iv washed my hair (whilst wet) wrap it up in a towel and leave for however long i feel necessary, usually (15 mins-1 hr) then just rinse it out. It leaves your hair so smooth and de-frizzed!
Im on my 3rd tub of the stuff currently and it proved wonders on sun damaged holiday hair!!

Orofluido - Sahara Heat Protection
This is by far the best heat defence iv'e used its a fair enough price at £13.99 as i feel that it protects and nourishes my hair quick and easily. Note.. the smell is not the best 


Sephora - Eau de Toilette Spray - Verveine Citron

if you want to smell like a literal lemon all day this is defiantly for you! i picked this up on a whim as being a Brit i was overwhelmed with the whole 'Sephoraness', it smells like lemons, pure lemons... which i'm a total fan of as its fresh and 'zesty' yanno but i have had a few comment like 
"you smell like a cheese cake"


Body Shop - Sweet Lemon - Body Butter

ommg smells like lemon curd, sooo thick and creamy nicest thing ever. I lusted after this for a good few months but being the cheepo that i am didn't want to pay £12 for a body butter... though i did buy the Laura Merciuer Body Souffle so thats completely hypocritical. This is so worth it its lasted me ages as you can see theres hardly a dent, you don't need that must and the smell ligers for hours! 

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