Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So... September; The month in which i returned to school and where the weather truly decided to turn on us.
September is when i officially announced Autumn into my beauty routine; and i thought id share with you a few stand out products that have helped me make the transition.

I'm a Candle Gal all year round, but this one in particular has made me feel so snug and autumnal.
Its a sweet smelling candle, but to warn you its not for everyone, as my mum thinks it smells like curry.... 

Lancome-Color Design 
Eye/Cheek/Powder Palette-6
This is all i have been wearing pretty much for shadows this month!
As a base i've used the lightest Vanilla-esc shadow, in the socket I've taken Mac's Omega, for the outer V the taupe colour, to blend out the shadows and to warm up the look i've used the blush/cranberry shade in this pallet, and the black colour along the lash line. It creates a lovely warm autumnal look!

Every month Bioderma is a fave of mine, but this one in particular, as i am almost out of my 2 - 500ml bottles i purchased in February.
I have been scrimping and saving it for heavy makeup nights.
But i will 1000000% be re-purchasing once my spending ban ends!!!

 False Eyelashes
Ok Yah, in my eyes an evening look is not complete without eyelashes; now i'm not talking Essex/i can't open my eyes type of lashes, but a natural, fluttery look, by cutting them in half 
They add so much and really accentuate your eyes, when applied properly with eyeliner and all they loook FAAAABBB

Oragins Vita Zing
As i said i went back to school this month and i was after a super light everyday wear base, i didn't want anything heavy like a foundation, so i was looking around the  BB's, CC's and tinted moisturisers on the market when i came across this. 
I've been aware of this for ages as people have said it's lovely for under foundation.
Its a grey like colour which blends to match anyone skin tone (abit like the L'oreal BB cream) It adds a lovely glow to the skin without adding any real coverage its like a sheered down tinted moisturiser; Definatly a No-Makeup-Makeup must have!

Mac Plumful Lipstick
This is by far one of my favorite Mac lipsticks .. actually one of my favorite lipsticks all together, the formular is lovely, the colour is beautiful, its perfect for someone who wants to darken there lipstick for A/W but isn't quite up for a Vampy lip just yet.
I recently have been dabbaling into Soap and Glorys 'Pom Pom' lipstick which is some what a 'dupe' for this!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal
I've been faithful the very hyped nude coloured liner from this range in Rimmel since summer, but it wasn't till trying this one in particular for me to really appreciate them; The formula is super creamy but also long lasting, I used this either as an all over base on the lid or pushed against the lash line! 

Dove Summer Glow Lotion.
Well as summer is officially over here in England, its time to crack out the good old fake tan!
As i still have some reminence of my holiday tan im not quite ready for my Xen Tan which im storing for the months to come!
I really love this gradual lotion from Dove, its thick enough so it blends in nicely and hydrates the skin and also is a lovely colour; its comparable to the cult classic 'Palmers Coco Butter' but i find that this has more of a golden colour and the palmers one is slightly more orangggeeyyyy..
Side note!! DO NOT get the one with 'Subtle Shimmer' ITS NOT SUBTLE WHATSOEVERRRRR litterally disco ball for days.



Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Brush Talk

Today i thought we could have a little chat on brushes.
By no means am i an expert on them but through my obsession with all things beauty i have learnt a little.
I often get asked; Why do you need so many brushes? or What are they for? So i thought id go through some of my favourites and what i personally use them for!

MAC 168
A blush brush - I really like to use angled brushes for blush as i feel they fit nicely onto the apples of the cheeks and also don't apply to much product.
i particularly like this one as its fluffy so it blends the product nicely.

 A large powder brush. A fluffy powder brush is great for applying powder or powder products without over doing it and getting that undesired 'cakey look'.

Concealer brushes are great for blending products together.
i personally don't use them for under the eyes, as using your ring finger to blend it warms up the product therefore it blends better.
But for imperfections using a brush is more hygienic and buffs the products more evenly.

•MAC 217
Blending brushes are the brush i have the most of, They can be used with shadows to defuse them out to give a soft look; or used clean to blend and produce a 'smokey eye'.
I also you the 224 for contouring the nose.

This is possibly my favourite brush.
I use this for contour and bronzer; like the cheek brush its angled, so it fits nicely under the cheek bones and on the temples, to give a bronzed and sculpted look.

the infamous buffing brush, this cult product from the 'core collection'  is one of the best buys on the highstreet.
it blends and buffs in base products so nicely. It doesn't leave brush streaks nor does it malt onto the skin.
the synthetic fibres don't 'eat up' the product and it takes literally 1 minuet to apply your base.

Duo fiber brushes are great for those products that you dont want to apply alot of. Because the fibers are more dense at the bottom and then thin off towards the top, this allows for a lighter application.
I use this for highlighter as nobody wants to look like a glitter ball.

MAC 239
A flat shader brush is great for products such as pigments and glitters (things that tend to go all over the place)
By patting the product on instead of sweeping the product sticks (i recommend using a base of either an eye primer of cream shadow) 

i'm a lover of a bold bright lip, so for accurate and neat application a lip brush is an essential.
I'm not a huge fan of squared lip brushes as ... your lips arn't square. 

Cat eyes yah yah, Liner is a must have for me. I love an angled brush as its so much easier for me to achieve an even flick.
A small thin brush is good for liner because its easy to add more but its a right meerrr to take it away.


Brows <3, My favourite way to do my brows is with power (MUA Shade 19) Holy grail. And this brush i've had for years and its the best; On one end there is a densely packed angled brush so you can get the shape and on the other a spoolie to brush out the product and keep things in place.

really hope this helped :)!!

Hope you liked this look
let me know what you thought by - <3