Saturday, 22 June 2013


Yo Der Pretties! Today i have something exciting for y'all,

 i was recently contacted by a company called 'Mallzee' they are a new online website, who work with brands such as ASOS and UO! FAB X

 "just launched and aims to change the way people shop online! Our approach to bespoke shopping lets you shop all your favourite stores in one place, get style recommendations from over 750,000 clothes and shop with friends with live chats and polls. "

When you buy someone on the website you get earnings from each purchase! ££££ Dolla woo xx

They're have kindly offered my readers, you lovely lot free VIP memberships!! Wooo XOXO

YAR YAR if you (click here) you'll get the VIP membership

Check them out :)! X O X O 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Best Thing & Editorial Look #2

Hey there Blogger Babes! Today im going to show you another Editoral look i did on Mollie :)

But First ..... This Happend....

Sooo yah yah yah.. i did this colourful look dead funky!, i wanted a more structured look as a posed to the classic 'smokey esc' 
I used again my Stargazer Pallet, as there are super vibrant colours that have a good pigment to them.

I've taken step by step Pictures!

 Here i have finished the colouring on one eye, using CelloTape LOL, i would recommend Masking Tape or Surgical Tape, but i didn't have any on hand. 

 Here I have removed the tape, and added Bobbi Brown gel liner and Chanel Mascara. 
Using a White eyeliner by NYX i have smudged a line under the lash line.

 I went for a 'Perfect Base', Using Standard Illamasqua Skin Base and Collection Concealer; Nothing to heavy on blush or contour, i used a light highlight using Vanilla Pigment.


Lips - Mac Lipmix in Red and Plumful Lipstick! 


More Picccieess on my Insta! 

Hope you like!
Let me know your thoughts! <3 xx


Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauty Tools

Today i thought we'd have a little chit-chat about my most used 'Beauty Tools'
Excluding brushes, i've narrowed it down to what i think are 7 essentials

yah yah 

 1. Sharperners - I recommend having a few sharpeners for diffrent things such as lip liners, eyeliners therefore you avoid that awful moment when you use a light coloured pencil after sharpening a dark one *heart break*.

2. Tweezers - A necessity from brow grooming to eyelash applying these are my go to, i like smaller ones as i feel i have more control but whatever tickles your fancy.

3. Scissors - chop chop, i have 2 pairs one for nails and one for miscellaneous things such as chopping eyelashes etc *not my own lul* always handy.

4.Cotton Buds - Q tips , Swabs, whateeverrr, these are my life, from removing that annoying bit of mascara to cleaning products these along with cotton pads are a dressing table must have.

5. Spoolies - I got these in a big pack off ebay! as a wannaabbeee makeup gal, i use these for putting mascara etc on other people, but they're great for brows etc.

1. Eyelash Curlers - My Favves are the Shu Emura ones OBVS! *the gold ones in the middle* there fab but i have quite a few other pairs that are adequate (whatever does the trick)

2.Hair grip - For when you're doing your hair or tying it back to do your face.

Hope you like!
Let me know your thoughts! <3 xx