Saturday, 6 July 2013


 Summer is now in full swing, as i am currently sat in my garden in shorts?? And yes i do live in England!
As i have been off for the most of june i have had a good old dapple into products and music alike,
i have trailed and tested many a thing this month, so here we go these are my June Favs BABES!

-B**chin' in Bases- 
 1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - 
As mentioned in my previous post, this stuff is the real mccoy! It is tremendous, whether it be mixed in with moisterier to give a sheer finish, or layered up to provide a flawless base it looks wonderful and hides all manor of sins. 

2. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - 
I haven't been home a great deal this month, and being typical me i forgot a concealer YAY, so i dashed into my nearest boots to pick one up. I usually use two concealers ; One for under eyes and one for imperfections, and as i'd heard good things about the Rimmel one tackling both i got it, and boy i'm glad i got it, it's much lighter than my standard Collection one!

3.Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser 
I was on patrol for a new moisturiser as i found my 'Embryolisse lait creme concentrate' just wasn't cutting it.
This works really well.
 I believe the Yellow tone of this product works well to remove red pigmentation and overall even out skin tone. Only down side - Smells like PlayDough

-Cutting it Sharp-
1.KIKO Lip Pencil - 203
i've been gravitating more towards lip pencils this month over the stick, as they are smaller and have a better longevity.
I discovered the brand KIKO just over 2 years ago in Spain, its ridiculously well priced for the quality, and this product in particular is comparable to some of my Mac pencils.
This looks lovely under MAC - Morange Lipstick 

2.Collection Gel Liner - 
I haven't a great deal to say about this other than it does the trick! Its £4.99 and i personally prefer it to my Bobbi Brown one, as it Is much more fluid there for it doesn't dry out as quick.

Rice Paper, Carbon (Repotted), All That Glitters, Rice Paper

Its taken me since December to depot my shadows and my mum found it rather questionably when she found 2 knifes and matches in my room!!
It was so easy to depot them and now i put these 4 of my most used shadows in this quad, and rather aesthetically pleasing.  and i keep the others in a Z-Pallet.

4. L'oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara -
i truly believe i have found my holy grail mascara, it gives length and thickens my lashes without giving me either spider eye or 3 eyelashes which we all know is a treeeemmmendddousss look...
Love love love.

 This month i have been filering the good eggs from the bad and here are some of a few basic bits that are doing some good.

1. DUO - Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive
I am a lover of the lashes, not on an everyday bases but yano when an opportunity arises i'm not going to say no now am i?
it works really well with all lashes i have used with it, lasts all night and comes off well so lashes are able to be reused.

Last summer i lived off Lushes Tea Tree Water, but i took it upon myself and made my own i mixed a few drops of this with some boiling water, put it into a spray bottle and kept it in the fridge. 
Tea Tree Water is good at preventing spot and also is really refreshing when applied on the skin.

3&4. Nails Inc - In Style Beach and Barry M's - Silvery Lilac. 
These two Beaus have been my go-to nail colours this month, both formulas are good tho the Barry M one dries quicker.


(links on pics)
Most of my chums would say that they dont no 80% of the music on my itunes, but when it comes to songs that stick in my head they're usually some cheesy pop or a 90s classic (friday i'm in love)

1. Bruno Mars Treasure.
i couldnt tell you how many times ive texted that this month lawwwl
I love this song its so discotastic and catchy.

Touch Tone - Home Away From Home
This song is a great commuting track, I've been spending alot of time recently on trains buses and cars and this has helped my throug

Eliza Doolittle - Big When I Was Little
I have been a fan of Eliza for a years now this song is so summery and happy! lav et

SO there ya have it! let me know what your faves are baby dolls xxxx

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Evening Look - Smokey

The other day i did a look on the lovely Camilla, the owner of Body Boutique Beauty 
I did a smokey look focused in the crease.

Sketch of the look & Products used