Thursday, 10 April 2014



EEE so it's been a year since I created this blog, due to pure procrastination from last years exams... So it is only fair that I delay my studies once more and start it up again!

An absurd amount has changed since my foregoing post of October 2013, so I shall begin.

I am now a makeup artist running my business COCOBÖXX MAKEUP, Its so much fun and I've learnt an awful lot. All aspects are amazing but have found the fashion side to makeup my favourite, from studio shoots and editorial looks, which I hope to be posting about in the near future.

See All links to my work here

I still love all things beauty and boundlessly will I be making pretty little posts on products. From being a makeup artist I have learnt what lotions and potions work well on different skin types and ethnicities.

Clothes obvs! Me and my chums are all into our attire, and many of them are rather savvy fashionistas; Recently i've attended London Fashion week, PFW, Fashion shows, and countless trips to the Trafford centre, so me along with my girls will be posting outfit posts and hauls!

What else is new? .... Well I'm now a Pescetarian and budding vegan, so I shall be updating you with my latest and greatest recipes and cooking tips.

SO YES! I really hope to get back into the swing of blogging. 

Thanks for reading!