Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Editorial Look - Animal Eyes

I have recently been trying to beef up my porfolio, so i've done some more editorial esc looks!

 Today i have an Animal/Deer look which i did on the lovely alex! 
This is perfect for halloween and other fancy dress occasions.

I used Collection/Bobbi Brown - Gel liners in black to map out the structure of the look 
and a ocer/y orange toned shadow for over the lid to create dimension.

For highlighted sections i used a matte white shadow.

To contour i used a matte kaki shade under the cheek bones and jaw line.

For blush i used an neon orange shadow very lightly sweeping over the checks and the cheek bones to warm up the face.

  • On the lashes are Amazing shine lashes - 12
  • On the bottom  Amazing Shine Lashes 199  

For the checks i used gel liner to draw the circles, and microflex 3D glitter which i stuck down with Duo Lash glue.

On the lips i used a light pinky nude, so all the attention was on the rest of the face - Topshop - Innocent.