Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Face/Sun Proof Products

So for the last few days in England it has been scorching!, so i decided to mix up my makeup routine in order to 'sun proof it'.
With the mixture of SPF based products and long wear items i feel that i have conjured up a simple summer surface.

(watch in 1080p)
Here i have gone for a 'somewhat natural look'; focusing mainly on base. I oppted for Nars Sheer Glow as i knew i would be wearing this makeup for a long period of time, and also i applied SPF under it.
i would sugest using something lighter like a BB cream or a Tinted moisturiser instead of a heavy foundation.
I used a lot of cream products in this look, as i believe they blend better into the skin and give for that 'natural healthy glow' 
in summer i always powder my skin to avoid oil and shine coming through. (Rimmel Stay Matte Powder). 
Use a finely milled or translucent  powder to purely stop shine; this will not give a 'cakey' finish.
 , and apply a highlighter to give a glow where you want it
(top of the cheek bones, cupids bow, bridge of nose)


OOTD SUMMER from hughes on Vimeo.

So yahhh i look alittle possesed yar, but i thought id show yass me outfit <3 kisses to the misses

Hope you liked XX


Monday, 8 July 2013

Seasonal Beauty Buying : Summer

Sunny Summery Seasonal Shopping.

Evenin' Chaps, I have finally booked my holiday! So now my mind has entered panic mode; What to take? What not to take? What do i need to buy etc?!
After paroling the net and cross examining the isles of John Lewis, i have withheld down 4 key pieces i am purchasing for my jollies.

I was drawn to this product as it claims to be a light weight texture but yet providing a high sun protection. When i swatched this it melted into my skin.
I have also heard that it is a lovely base to apply under makeup  

2. LAURA GELLER BEAUTY - waterproof Spackle fair/light S 
When doing my weekly scan of (CULT BEAUTY), i saw this under the 'new in' section, i had previously been tempted my the 'Makeup Forever - Waterproof full cover concealer', but the idea of trying a new brand excited me to much so i decided upon this one. On holiday i don't tend to wear makeup but concealer is always good to have on hand especially waterproof due to humidity etc, if something bad pops up. 

3. RMS Beauty  - Lip2Cheek Smile
i am desperate to try products from RMS Beauty, i may have a small obsession with Miranda Kerr and its know that she uses this brand.. hmmm

4.Clinique - NEW High Impact Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara is a must have on holiday, in the past i have used the usual Maybelline and other highstreet mascaras, and in all honesty they just haven't cut it, they either flake or run which completely defeats the purpose; So i thought id try something a little more up market to see if it does the trick.

Happy Holiday Hauls!