Saturday, 8 June 2013

Helen E Cosmetics - Pigments

Helen E Cosmetics - Pigments 

ohhaii! i was a luck little koala to get some of these pigments!
heres some info!!!

 Silver - Shade 22, Gold - Shade 9, Copper - Shade 13

 i've found that the work best with flat shader brushes, such as Mac 239
 LOL I LOOOKK HILLARR, but i wanted to show you them on my eyes as you couldn't really see the full 'effect' on arm swatches!
I have the Copper one all over the slid and i used the gold as a highlight and a tiny bit of the sliver under the eyes xx

I really like these pigments i think they're comparable with the Mac ones! they are defiantly worth the money as they retail at £5!
  • The packaging is a thumbs up from me, the lids secure really easily, so i don't think they would 'explode' easily, as mine have done in the past 
  • there is alot of product so you get your moneys worth and as you may no pigments last for ages!
  • There is no major downside for me, though i don't like how they have named them in shades.

Overall a Lovely Product!

Hope you like!
Let me know your thoughts! <3 xx



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