Monday, 1 April 2013

What i did today #1


Right since i'm cooped up all Easter holidays because of 'revision', i thought id take a break from the torcherous world science and english and do some Art, for school still but not as hard labour! WO

yo yo yo yo here a feww i have done in the last couple of weeks YARRRR
Lyd 3 A2 - (Acrylic)

Lyd 4 A1 (Ink/Water Colour)

LYD 1 A2 - (Ink/Acrylic)



  1. Wow, you're pretty great at drawing!! I'm meant to be revising too but have thought that developing an obsession with One Direction is much more important :S.

    I would love it if you guys would check my blog out! x

  2. Ahhhh thanks babe! yeah iv;e looked on your blog :) xx super cute woo!
    omg i gave up on revising theres no hope!!!

  3. this is so cool! i really want to start drawing again but can't find the time

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. Ahh thank you! i know i always have set aside like an afternoon otherwise ill never do any! XX