Monday, 12 August 2013


Post holiday skin syndrome? In order to cling onto that tan moisturisers are your go-to.
Moisturisers are designed to make the external layers of the skin (epidermis)
Heavy body butters/oils etc can sometimes be to thick for the skin and can promote 'peeling', so i have rounded up my top 3 light spray-on moisturisers for all occasions. 

1.Vaseline Spray And Go Moisturizer In Total Moisture.

though at first this seemed like a bit of a novel idea, i'm now OBSESSED! 
  This is so quick and easy to use; the consistency is light. It smells lovely and light and is non greasy! I feel that this moisturiser will be perfect for the colder months when you're wearing layers, as it absorbs straight into the skin. 

2. Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray 
admittingly I am one who is sucked in by advertising,
and so after reading the headline:

"The £2.99 baby beauty secret that Millie Mackintosh and Donna Air use to get that glossy skin" -I knew it was a 'must have' buy.

"baby soft skin in seconds', is designed to lock in moisture and absorb quickly, making it ideal for girls on the go."
The consistency is much lighter than the normal baby oil and is convenient and overall BEAU!

3.Hawaiian Tropic – Body Shimmer Silky Shimmering Moisturiser.
It moisturises your skin whilst adding a soft golden skimmer which is perfect for yaaa holls!
It carries hawaiian tropics signature coconut esc scent and has an oil/water base consistency.

Hope you liked this look 
let me know what you thought by - <3 



  1. Hi there! thanks for your comment on my blog :) I'm glad you also like the Vaseline spray and go!