Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Much of a muchness? - Moisturisers

The weather has officially turned grey, and there is no longer any hope of sun.. well in England.
So its time to rehydrate your skin to avoid dried out, dull or desiccated skin!
With the help of some moisturisers,
 I know this isn't the most exciting topic in the world but until recently i took no interest in them and didn't know how different ones could benefit your skin in many ways or how they reacted differently on different skin types;
So i hope you somewhat enjoy my round up ;) 

 My Personal Favourite Ones (for face)
 - (links included in descriptions) 

Ode to Clinique.

100% Fragrance free Rich, oil-free cream-gel instantly rehydrates. 
Light and comfortable on the skin. 
Gel-like texture, this would be good for sensitive skin. 

Skin Types: All

"New formula now helps strengthen skin's own moisture barrier. More moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy. Has a healthy-looking glow."
I've mentioned this in a former favourites ... (shameless plug) but i do really like it/enjoy using it its has the faintest smell of marzipan but it moisturises the skin lightly and well!

Skin Types: Dry/Combination

Under Makeup Faves.

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream 

"Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream penetrates deeply to rehydrate facial skin relieving tightness and irritation and leaving it feeling smooth."
A recommendation from Lisa Eldridge.. well Of course i had to buy it! This is a suposed 'Makeup Artists Must have' and as an aspring one myself i picked it up 
this is a really nice base for under products and it sinks into the skin quickly.
Notes - On oiler skins it tends to 'roll off' 

Skin Types: Dry/Combination/Sensitive

I'm mentioning this as it was a former fave of mine, but recently i just haven't been getting on with it whatsoever. I have found my skin unable to breathe under it especially if applied before excessing.
I was originally enticed by the utter hype and holy grail tag this product has and previously i had liked it with it's  light-weight feel.
 Its 'Lait' name is evident in the product as it has a milk like consistence.
It does apply well under makeup as it allows the base to blend in smoothly. It does take longer to work in than the Oilatum its also cheaper hehe.

Skin Types: Claims all but i would stay away if you have particularly oily skin!

Short, Snappy, Skincare

Simple - 
Kind to skin hydrating light Moisturiser
This is a back in the day product for me, when the complexity of my skincare routine was that of a Brick.
 But i have to say it is still great! It does what it says on the tin it lightly moisturises the skin, without causing irritation or no major skin pros or cons.
This is ideal for people with sensitive skin or young skin or for those with 'perfect' skin that kneed no help *i envy you*

Skin Types: All




  1. For maximum moisture boost I would recommend Estée Lauder Hydrationist - it's absolutely amazing and I swear by it :o). Xx


    1. Ahhh thankyou so much! im really looking into getting the 'advanced night repair' never really ventured into estee lauder skin care! XXXX

  2. Completely agree with the bit about the weather! I'm in Australia, but its so gross here that if I don't wear moisturiser I look like an old prune!
    All those products look great, I'm using Avon at the moment but its nearly gone, so I'll have to give those Clinique ones a try!

    Sarah x

  3. aww jealous that you live in Australia!!
    heeheh same! ohhh yess defiantly they're so good xxx